What is Outdoor Education?

In essence the aim is to promote active learning through direct personal experience and offer excitement, fun and adventure within a framework of safety.

By participating in adventurous activities such as rock climbing, canoeing and mountain biking benefits such as;

  • increased self esteem
  • increased self confidence
  • greater independence

Are regularly reported by visiting staff, parents and participants themselves. Take a look at our testimonials page.

However, Outdoor Education is  also an ideal way to teach values and skills that cannot be taught in a classroom so easily such as;

  • trust and support
  • empathy
  • problem solving
  • team working
  • effective communication
  • environmental awareness

These benefits can be transferred back to the classroom/workplace/home life to invigorate participants with a renewed desire to  learn, challenge themselves and ultimately improve their life.




Your Adventure Programme

We like to use a solution focussed approach to our courses, so instead of just picking from a list of activities we will work with you to design a programme that will best suit the needs of your pupils.

Goals will be set at the start of the course and regular reviews and guided reflection will be held following activities to monitor progress. The course will close with  an individual pledge by the participants to carry out some positive actions back at school.

We will use our on site and off site adventurous activities to focus on the goals for the day.

Whilst most activities can be used to meet all outcomes to some degree, certain activities lend themselves ideally to meet specific outcomes as described below;


Canoeing/kayaking; Improved communication skills, more effective team working,

 learning new skills, greater awareness of the natural environment


Rock climbing; Improved trust, increased self esteem, increased self confidence, 

improved communication, greater empathy


Jacobs ladder; Improved team working, greater trust, more effective communicator, 

increased confidence, increased self esteem.   


Bushcraft skills; Improved team working, increased resilience, greater problem

solving skills, greater awareness of the natural environment, trying new things.