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-Medieval farming, remains of ridge and furrow in the games field (hense Peat 'Rigg').
-1750's: Central part of main Farm Houses built at Peat Rigg as the farm grows.
-19th Century: Field drains and evidence of former lime kiln show efforts to 'improve' the land.
-1900's - 1980's: William and Phoebe Berriman farmed the land as a mixed farm (crops and livestock) and then passed it onto their children Jim and Dorothy.
-1952: The North York Moors National Park formed.
-1955: The main drive completed - to replace rough track that accessed Peat Rigg from the South.
-1986: Peat Rigg extended and refurbished to turn it into holiday cottages.
-1996: Peat Rigg bought by Teesside Training and Enterprise Council.
-2005: Discovery Courses takes over the lease of Peat Rigg.
-2007: Peat Rigg becomes a Community Interest Company.
-2010: Arable farming begins again as Peat Rigg aims to teach young people where food comes from.
-2013: The Green House doubles the capacity of Peat Rigg.
-2016: The former cottages completely renovated. Peat Rigg now fully accessible and weatherproof.
-2018: Farmhouse dining room extended.
-2019: New outdoor toilet block completed.
-2019: Onsite caving activity completed.
-2020: Tremendous support from clients, staff and volunteers to survive COVID-19
-2021: Peat Rigg re-opens their doors stronger and busier than ever. the future
The next five year plan includes continued investment in facilities, activities and delivery to make Peat Rigg Outstanding in all areas.

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