The Farm & Environmental Stewardship

Peat Rigg has 97 acres of farmland, mostly grass. We have pigs, chickens and sheep onsite as well as a couple of Peacocks that have decided to make Peat Rigg their home! We look after the land as best we can so many future generations can appreciate it. 


Before 2007, Peat Rigg Farm was managed exclusively for productivity. This means that lots of spray chemicals and fertilisers were used. These are useful to grow a lot of one type of grass, which means that there is food for more sheep and cows. Unfortunately, it is often harmful to wildlife. 

Today, it is a completely different story. 

Peat Rigg Farm is managed under the highest level of Farm Environmental Stewardship. This means that we look after all the creatures on the farm, from the tiniest insect to the most enormous pig (we don't have cows here any more). 

We no longer put lots of fertiliser and chemical sprays on the land. Instead we allow lots of different varieties of grass, plants and flowers to grow in our fields. This is great for birds and insects too.

We have two special wildflower meadows which are heaven for bees and insects, with plenty of different types of nectar. We help insects make homes nearby with special insect houses. 

The insects are also good for birds because they are a natural food source for them. We help birds in winter by planting trees with berries on them so they have food all year round. We have robins, 


We have also restored and replanted lots of hedgerows around the farm to create "wildlife corridors". This means that animals like dormice, hares, badgers and foxes can travel across our land more easily and are happier for it. 

We haven't forgotten to look after our own farm animals either. We have chickens and pigs that visitors can help us feed, and sheep grazing in our fields. 

We hope that you will enjoy the farm if you visit to!