Renewable Energy at Peat Rigg

We are operating at approximately 95% renewable energy, of which a significant proportion is generated on site. We are aiming for 100% renewable by 2050...but we are waiting for electric minibuses to appear first! 

Logs in Forest

We produce as much energy as we can on site through renewable sources. Our only source of non renewables is the gas we use for cooking. We only buy in our energy when something onsite is waiting for repair. When we do have to buy it in, we make use a renewable provider. 

The Farmhouse is heated by using the Biomass Boiler (also known as "The Beast"). We buy and burn locally sourced timber. The Beast also provides all the hot water for the Farmhouse and heats one of our two Drying rooms. 

The Greenhouse, built in 2012, has Solar Thermal Panels on the roof which provides the hot water for this side of Peat Rigg. It also has Solar Photovoltaic Panels which provides enough electricity to power the heating system. 

The Greenhouse has a Ground Source Heat Pump which heats the whole building. It cleverly converts heat stored in the ground into heat that warms the building, using the same technology commonly found in fridges!


We have a similar technology installed in our second drying room and Instructor Office, known as Air Source Heat Pumps. These convert the heat in the air into a warm room which keeps everyone happy in the cold winter months!