Wildflower Meadows

At Peat Rigg we have restored 6 acres of wildflower meadow, and created a further 6 acres. We now have over 12 acres of wildflower meadows in total which are beautiful in early summer. 


It takes a long time to create wildflower meadows, something that years ago would have been common everywhere. This is because the seeds often need a long time to germinate, and conditions have to be just right. 

They need the land to be managed in the same way that would happen naturally. They need soil that is not too rich, similar to wild soils. We make sure we do not use fertiliser or sprays on our wildflower meadows, so they have the best conditions. 

We also make sure that the sheep don't eat the flowers before they have blossomed. The sheep only eat the grass in our wildflower meadows over autumn and winter, when they cannot damage the wildflower plants. 

With all this care and attention, the meadows have rewarded us with some beautiful flowers each year. Our triangle field is particularly special, as it is full of orchids in June each year!