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Onsite Lake - New to Peat Rigg!

Our onsite lake will open new avenues for groups and schools to explore. The lake allows our clients more time on the water, learning new skills and developing teamwork in new and exciting ways! 
If this is something you would like for your group/ school, or have questions regarding the onsite lake, feel free to drop us an email;

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A great personal challenge that gets the heart rate going. You will be essentially lowering yourself off a 70 foot, disused railway bridge in an idyllic rural setting next to a stream.

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An all inclusive activity for the whole group to enjoy that requires patience and perseverance, it also happens to be a lot of fun!



Our instructors will teach you how to live off the land using skills practiced by our ancestors, covering different methods of firelighting (including fire by friction), campfire cooking, shelter building and for the more adventurous; knife safety and whittling skills.

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Our usual water activity is an exciting session of Canoeing located on our own private lake. Canoeing involves a great amount of teamwork, confidence and personal responsibility. The participants will be able to develop their group leadership skills and conquer their fears in a safe and comfortable environment.



A great challenge requiring lots of focus and a support from your team. The Beck scramble takes you down a water course through squeezes, slides and big jumps into the water. This is an amazing activity for groups that are visiting for a short residential, who are daring and seek adventure. 

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A trek through the forest discovering more about the local environment and wildlife. Throughout the trek you will encounter team building challenges and wild experiences to immerse yourselves in nature. For a higher challenge, you may incorporate a stream traverse using equipment set up by the instructors.



Set in The Barn, a team challenge to get each member of the group as high as possible on a tower of crates. Everyone has a role to play encouraging, helping with safety and building the crate towers. To successfully reach the top the team needs to show planning, trust, teamwork and balance!



A great activity to focus on team work and helping each other. The Jacobs ladder is a series of horizontal bars hanging vertically in the trees. These get progressively wider apart the further up you go. 3 people climb together and soon discover that to succeed they will need to work as a team.



The North York Moors is an ideal resource to offer several differing experiences to your group, you can choose from a series of routes ranging in difficulty and skill level, discovering the ups and downs of the nearby Cropton Forest or an extended route all the way from the top of the moors.



A journey of discovery around Peat Rigg Farm. Not only learning skills in map reading and navigation but also competing against others.
Working in small independent groups to find the controls in our 100 acres of land. Our course is designed to be accessible to all levels. The small teams need to use several skills and work together to succeed in this activity.




A self-sufficient journey through the North York Moors National Park ,or its surrounding woodland, with the added challenge of an overnight camp. This can be undertaken on foot, on mountain bike, or in a canoe. This journey can be tailored to suit the needs of your group.

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A combination of outdoor activities incorporating physical, mental and creative challenges, these are designed to facilitate a journey of outdoor learning culminating in a final task. An ideal way to energise and invigorate your team and also lots of fun. This session can also be used to consolidate the adventure experiences of a residential programme.



Peat Rigg now has it own artificial caving system: A physical and mental test of nerve and team work. Featuring over 120 metres of challenging squeezes, crawls, passages and caverns (and some surprises!) to replicate the features of a natural cave. Built to blend into the natural environment – see if you can spot it at Peat Rigg. Will your team be able to find all of the hidden fossils?

This project has been partially funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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We have on site climbing in the form of two trees set up with climbing holds and progressively more difficult in nature, they are affectionately called baby and mummy tree. Not to be underestimated, there is plenty of exposure to challenge the keenest of climbers.
We also have an off site climbing venue set in a disused quarry on the edge of the North York Moors that provides some challenging routes on real rock.


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A 16 element challenge course set 1 metre off the ground, the Low Ropes provides a great team building experience and an opportunity to help others succeed through support and encouragement.

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Zip Lines

Zip through our woodland on one of our ziplines, we have the exciting low zipline for those wanting a taste of adventure and the high zipline for those daring enough to take on a challenge. Both ziplines involve a great amount of teamwork, from checking your teams safety to effectively communicating the best pose to jump off in!

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