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Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

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One of the benefits of Peat Rigg being a working farm is that we can provide hands on experience with farm animals. This session is great to learn about animal welfare and the '5 Freedoms' and also where food comes from. During the session different breeds and different farming systems are discussed and participants often form opinions based on their new knowledge.



Our resident apiarists will teach you all about the importance of Bees. Games and activities will be used to highlight such things as 'the waggledance' and pollination. The session will also include an inspection of our beehives and the opportunity to taste our honey. We provide fully veiled bee suits and gloves in a range of sizes for this activity.



This popular session links bushcraft with health and wellbeing. Round the campfire the group will discuss the diets and way of life of our Neolithic ancestors. This may involve building your own fire or demonstrating prehistoric cooking methods. Throughout foraged items will be available and the group will be challenged to try something new.

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A journey of discovery around Peat Rigg Farm. Not only learning skills in map reading and navigation but also finding the correct food items which make a balanced diet and avoiding poor nutrition.
Working in small independent groups to find the controls in our 100 acres of land. Our course is designed to be accessible to all levels. The small teams need to use several skills and work together to succeed in this activity.



Linking what we eat with how we use energy is important. This is key in maintaining healthy weight or balance. Looking at what calories are and how they are used, the group will take part is a range of outdoor activities and see how many calories they can burn.

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Discovering where and how different foods grow and what they need. Using our poly tunnel and horticulture site, the group will engage in games which highlight the nutritional properties of different foods and sustainability. At the end of the exercise the group will be challenged to trust each other in the 'Blind Taste Challenge' where they will soon discover who their real friends are!

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The group will find their way around the forest. On the way they will be presented with games and challenges which encourage them to use their senses in different ways and find new ways of experiencing the wilderness.

Why is a Health and Wellbeing Residential at Peat Rigg a great way to cover this Key Curriculum Area?

Learners are challenged to think differently and share opinions

By taking part in unique activities which they would never usually have the opportunity to experience.

Personal skills are Developed

Through encouragement to trust others, try new things and face fears

Lifelong learning takes place

Our activities empower young people and highlight the importance of inclusion, diversity and resilience. Helping them face the future.

Health is high on the agenda

With all of our adventurous activities and farm based education, Peat Rigg is an ideal place to discover diet and nutrition, and put that learning into practice

It's a great starting point for future residentials

Being away from home and family for the first time can be quite daunting for some. Our Health and Wellbeing 3 day residential can be used as a great first residential to prepare for longer adventures. It can also be added to our other activities to make a diverse 5 day residential which will not only be unique, but pretty hard to forget.

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